Each page has a size chart available at the time of purchase.
According to most indications, sizes may vary from 2 to 3cm, as they are handmade.

Types of jerseys


Embroidered badge and logo with thread, slightly heavier fabric (as it is not sportswear), they are looser.


Badge and logo made of TPU (plastic), lighter and higher quality fabric (as it is sportswear), they are much tighter to the body.


Similar to fan jerseys, based on old-style jerseys.


The measurements and overall appearance are closer to the originals sold in official stores.

Examples player

Fit in player - LasRemes

Fit in player

A more distinctive, sporty style that fits the body better with a slim fit cut ideal for playing soccer.

Fabric in player - LasRemes

Fabric in player

Lightweight and flexible, allowing for breathability and sweat absorption. Micro-perforations facilitate ventilation and quick drying.

Badge in player - LasRemes

Badge in player

Logos and badges are thermally sealed (TPU), giving them a more streamlined appearance and reducing the weight of the jersey.

Examples fan

Fit in fan - LasRemes

Fit in fan

Designed for everyday use, much more comfortable.
It accommodates various sizes as it is slightly roomier.

Fabric in fan - LasRemes

Fabric in fan

Slightly less ventilation compared to the player version.
They are less elastic and lighter.

Badge in fan - LasRemes

Badge in fan

The logos and badges are directly embroidered on the fabric, giving a bit more weight.

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