Payment methods

On most pages, you can pay with credit/debit/prepaid cards and PayPal. It's also common to accept Western Union and AliExpress.
Typically, after making the payment, you need to send the receipt or notify via WhatsApp or email.
If you can't find the contact, you can search for it on sellers list.

Credit/debit/prepaid card

Even if the page indicates credit card only, you can try making the payment with your debit/prepaid card.


You can use your account balance or associate a card to make the payment.
Once you complete the payment, send them the order number and receipt via WhatsApp or email for confirmation.

Western Union

If this option is available, they will provide you with the recipient's details: full name, location, and country.
With this information, you can visit a branch to complete a form with your details and make the payment for the indicated amount.
After making the payment, you will receive a control number (MTCN) which you must provide to your seller.


This option allows you to use a card for payment.
The seller will provide you with a link to an AliExpress store where you need to reach the total amount of your purchase.
After making the payment, you should share the payment receipt with your seller.

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